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Recording standard AIT-E-Turbo Native capacity 20 GB Compressed capacity 52GB Tape length 98m

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The Sony TAITE-20N is an AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) Turbo Data Cartridge. The AIT Turbo enhances both capacity and speed of earlier generations of AIT while delivering the same highly reliable AIT format and technology. The Sony TAITE-20N AIT Turbo data cartridge has an uncompressed capacity of 20GB and a compressed capacity of 52GB on a Tape length of 98meters. Just Like AIT Tapes the AIT Turbo feature the DLC (Diamond Like Coating) which greatly improves life and reliability of these tapes. AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) tape for high magnetic flux density and coercivity that improves recording quality is another feature of the Sony TAITE-20N AIT Turbo data cartridge.


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