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The Aztech DSL5018EN(2T2R) 4-Port ADSL2+ 150Mbps Wireless-N Modem Router with USB host uses complete Ralink chipsets solution that fully complies with ADSL2/ADSL2+ standard.

4 in stock

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  • Ideal device for for both Wired and Wireless connectivity via a ADSL2+ built in modem for multi-user sharing
  • High speed cordless connection with PHY rate at 150Mbps
  • TR-069 compliant – Auto-configuration, Dynamic service activation, cost-savings on customer support and logistics
  • USB 2.0 Host – Share the files and video clips via NAS, printers and etc.
  • Double-layer NAT/SPI firewall – Provides true firewall capability to ensure security for the network
  • Wi-Fi Protected Access(WPA2-PSK) – Filtering for Wireless links
  • “One Touch” WPS Button – Easy and secure establishment of a wireless home network
  • Universal Plug and Play Support – Makes it easy for users to do home networking for UPnP-enabled devices


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